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Dreamaway Mattresses

The Dreamaway is a new generation mattress engineered with comfort and the environment in mind. Consisting of 150mm of high-density foam made in Australia using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology and 50mm of liquid fusion gel memory foam. The mattress has inbuilt ventilation and suspension system for superior comfort and support. Available in soft, medium, and firm to match to your unique requirements.

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Fusion Gel Memory Foam is a new advanced product, Gel particles come together under pressure providing greater support where you need it most. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter the enhanced airflow and heat dissipation for your ideal temperature. It is generally agreed by researchers that any pressure above 45-50mmHg can result in capillary closure and tissue damage. The above pressure mapping shoes that Dreamaway memory foam reduces pressure to well below these limits.

Dreamaway Memory Foam

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